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Our underwear reaches the right places

We have collected hundreds of thousands of items of underwear since we started, thanks to all our supporters. To ensure the underwear we collect is distributed to those who need it most, we work in partnership with a number of organisations.  They help us to give all the brand new pants and bras we collect directly to the women and children in Africa who need our support, donating them for free.  The same goes for the ‘gently worn’ bras we collect too.

From May 2017 we will also be working with a new partner – the family run recycling company Lawrence M Barry & Co (LMB).  We will be starting a pilot to sell a small proportion (up to 10%) of the ‘gently worn’ bras we collect to LMB, to help us to raise the vital funds we need to support our work.  LMB will send the ‘gently worn’ bras to help people in developing economies like Africa to earn an income by selling bras.  We will be starting the pilot on 1 May 2017.  Until then, 100% of the ‘gently worn’ bras we receive will continue to be sent direct to those we help in Africa.

To date our pantastic supporters have donated a phenomenal amount of underwear, as you can see from our pantometer.  All that underwear goes a long way.   Visit our underwear timeline to see where it’s gone to date and donate underwear today.

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