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Total underwear collected is 560,961.


Congratulations to Iain McDonald winner of the September lottery.

It’s been another really busy month for the volunteers who open, sort, count and bag the underwear given the pantastic response we’ve had for our appeal for NEW pants for ladies (size 8-16) and boys (ages 3-15).  We’ve also had 2 underwear pick ups, 14,175 pairs of pants and bras picked up by Freedom from Fistula Foundation, this underwear will be making it’s way to the women and children in Sierra Leone and thanks to Sally Rae for thinking of Smalls yet again when planning her trip to Malawi next month with children from George Watson’s school in Edinburgh.  As well as other supplies they will be taking 600 pairs of pants and bras in their suitcases to deliver to women and children they will be visiting during their trip.  This takes our total distributed to 414,721!  Thanks to everyone involved for making this happen.

Here’s a link to our latest thank you post and we are still opening parcels every week so if you don’t see your name please look for it on the next monthly thank you post.  As you can see from the volume of names there has been a lot of parcels to open.  If you’re sending an underwear donation, please include a note of your name so we can show you our appreciation in our monthly thank you posted on our website.  A big “thank you” to everyone who has also enclosed a monetary donation with the underwear, we really appreciate this.

I had a lovely surprise in the mail this week thanks to all the people who have nominated Smalls as their charity of choice with Easyfundraising, we received a cheque for £351.76!  It’s a great way to support our work when shopping online without spending an extra penny.  And talking about shopping online, thanks to everyone who has visited our Facebook shop and ordered some Smalls merchandise, I was a little worried talking about Christmas cards in September but clearly there are a lot of people better organised than I am when it comes to Christmas!

And finally thanks to A & L Taylor, A Jeffries, A S Paul & E J Rees, A Woods, Abida Cathcart, Alli Davies-Bee, Allyson, Amy Hunter, Amy Wiggins, Angela, Angela Edgington, Ann Middleton, Anna Lavis, Barbara Dart, Brandon Leisure Centre (Susan Nutt), C A Blyth, C Rowland, Carol Holloway, Caroline Johnson, Catherine Knight, Dandelion Farewells Donations Account (Jean Williams), Debbie Dawson, Devika, Diane McFarland, Diane Walsh, Dr C & A Williams, Eileen,Collier, Eleanor Menime, Elena Close, Elizabeth Jane James, Emily Gould, Emma Moorehead, F Richards, Fiona, G F Kirk, G M Davies, Gillian Cowe, Glenda Chandler, Grant & Suzanne Walker, H Cuthew, Hannah Taylor, Helen Adams, Helen O, I & L Spedding, Jackie H, Jackie Jenkins, Jenny Tibbles, Jessica Onyett, Jo Dulko, Jo H, Joanna Willits, Joy & Bernie Elliott-Bowman, Julie & Abigail & Bridget, K & M Dart, K A Johnson, Karan Berry, Karen & Emma Harvey, Kathryn Turpin, Kathryn Williams, Katie, Katie Glower, Katie Nicol, Kirsten Owen, L S B Heung, Linda Williams, Lis & Isobel Featherstone, Liz Berry, Liz Dixon, Marion Nicholson, Mrs C Buxton, Mrs Lorraine Mansell, Mrs Lynne Langdale, Ms Bettina Boerner, Ms Faulkner, Ms Sullivan, Norma Norris, P & G Young, P & J Gaskell, Pam Gosbee, Pat Dawson, R & J Patterson, Rebecca Plant, Ruth & Poppy Black, Ruth Walker, Sally Bloomfield, Sally Wells, Sam Sadeja, Sarah,Sarah M, Seren Trodden, Sheila Kimberley, Sian Hunt, Soroptimist Club of West Lothian, Sue Fieldhouse, Sue Mitchell, Susan Gildner, Susan McGowan, Susan Wilson, Tessa Pye, The Parlaie family, Therese McConnachie, Tracey & Maddie Hulme, Tricia Evans ,Trudie Garner, Viv Bennett, Wilma Thomson & family & friends, Y Ramacre, Victoria, Evie, Fraser and Tom and to the people that sent money but didn’t give their names.