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New total 77,793.

I’m pleased to let you know that I’ve finalised the new girls that Smalls will be sponsoring the education for, the girls are all based in Suswa. The ‘Soila Maasai Girls Rescue Centre’ at Suswa in the Rift Valley, Kenya, opened in 2005 as a refuge centre for young orphaned or destitute Maasai girls.

With the co-operation of the local Chief, the centre was established to save the girls from Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early arranged marriage – still a common practice and tradition in the Maasai community of Kenya. Through the Suswa centre, the girls are offered a home and an education as an alternative path in life to FGM and early marriage, and in turn they receive the chance to empower and change their lives and those of generations to come. In all cases, the girls’ guardians have given their permission for their daughter to embark on this new way of life. Suswa is currently home for 84 girls, aged from 7 years.

The refuge centre is run as a partnership between KCH, the Balcraig Foundation and the local community of Suswa. KCH contributes staff, medical and educational supplies, and Balcraig Foundation provides the set-up and running costs, and manages the Suswa Project. As you will know Smalls has been working with Balcraig for a number of years now, in fact I visited Suswa in 2011 and met the girls and saw first hand the excellent work that is being done. These girls are regular recipients of our pants!

It was great to meet up with Ruth www.doubleme.org on Monday 8 September at Gatwick airport. Ruth has recently returned from a month long trip to Uganda and although she was there for her own charity she kindly agreed to distribute pants and do a little research into the making of sanitary towels. So no surprise when I tell you that we got a few funny looks as we ate dinner reviewing the samples she brought back to show me! More on this in the coming months 🙂

Our Sarah started at Nairobi University on Monday 15 September where she will be studying Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in finance, accounting and marketing. This is a 3 year course and I’m confident she will do well, she was very excited to be starting university and I know how much she appreciates the support she gets from all of us.

There are still tickets available for the race night on Saturday 1st November if you are free. We are having a race night at the Carlton Highland Hotel in Edinburgh. Tickets are £17.50 and include a buffet and disco. If you are interested in coming along just let me know.

Thanks to Karen & Linlithgow Primary School, Katie Shaikh, J Ashby, R Jarvis, Jane Davies and Trish & Paul, Moyra Allen, Bobbie Lundy & Phyllis Templeton (Weight Watchers) Gemma Gaitan and her colleagues as Sky (Livingston) The Murphys, Kathryn Morgan, J Titley, S Appleyard, J Innes, Marilyn Dunn, Jane Davies and all the ladies that attended the MUMs lunch for their donations of underwear. And to the people that have sent packages but with no details.

Thanks also to St Cuthbert’s Parish Church Edinburgh, Mrs Nancy Bryson, K B Boyten, Moyra Allen and Jane Davies for their monetary donations.