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New total 12,972!

I honestly can’t believe it’s September, and a month has passed since I last wrote an update. This time last year I was in Ethiopia (where I picked up scabies but that is another story!) and if you had told me then that a year later I would have collected nearly 13,000 items of underwear, been to Kenya twice, set up a charity and had my picture taken for a calendar (think calendar girls) I would have thought you were bonkers.

SO the calendar. I managed to talk 11 of my colleauges into removing all their clothes, covering their “bits” and getting their photograph taken. It was never in my plan to be number 12 but given a 11 month calendar wouldn’t really work, and I had people threaten to pull out if I did, I gave in gracefully, no moaning or grumpiness – honestly!

It was a lovely sunny morning – NOT. It was cold and looked like it was going to rain which was a bit of a problem as I had a really clever plan to disguise myself – straight hair and make up. So I set off after taking 2 travel sick pills (felt a bit sick at the thought of what lay ahead) as I didn’t have any valium or rescue remedy in the house, think they did help. Not sure my disguise will work but time will tell, safe to say though that the people who know me won’t expect or believe that is me hiding behind a SMALL map of Africa with nothing on. My plan was to have my hair hiding my face but that went out the window when the photographer turned on a wind machine to make my hair “float”. I don’t know why I bother planning sometimes.

What kept me going is the knowledge that ALL proceeds from the sale of the calendar will go to fund Sarah’s education in 2011. Sarah is a 14 year old Kenyan girl who lives in St Monica’s, she doesn’t have a sponsor and it is my hope that Smalls For All will be able to fund her education until she leaves school. Getting an education is so important to Sarah, having an education brings opportunities and it brings hope.


Flights booked, I’m going back on Friday 8 October. I’ve mentioned previously that as well as continuing to deliver underwear to those in need, I was starting to look at self sufficiency projects. So as well as delivering underwear I’ll be researching a possible project in the Githogoro and Huruma slums.


Our donations of 5559 items of underwear are part of the 10,000 shipment that left the UK last week heading for Zimbabwe. Shirley will let us know how the “dignity restored” campaign goes when she gets back.

Can you help?

NEW pants, and new or gently worn bras.

Knickers – ladies size 8 to 16

Boys/Girls – aged 3 to 15