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New total 25,122!

Great news, we have our first girl in college! I mentioned last month about a 23 year old girl I met during my last trip to Kenya who had been accepted for a course (diploma in Pharmacy) but had no money to pay fees or for school books. Thanks to you all, Roselyne is now attending Kenya Medical Training College. We will be following her progress and of course will let you know how she’s getting on.

Thanks to Ted and Vikki the 4 girls we are sponsoring at Mashimoni, the primary school in Kibera slum, have their education funded for the next 5 years but we do have another 3 girls at St Monicas and now Roselyne to fund. And NO we are not doing another calendar. Sarah Scott spoke to me about “Spree” books, a great way of fundraising but also has great benefits for you! The book is made up of 6 sections. Fine dining, restaurants and family dining, informal dining and take aways, leisure and recreation, health beauty and wellbeing and shopping. Smalls for All receives money for each book sold, the more books sold the more money Smalls will receive. Whilst the book costs £22 the books will pay for themselves very easily. I was a bit sceptical at first but I’ve had a look at the books (and bought one!) and carried out “research” by asking friends and colleagues what they thought and everyone who has looked at the book is certain it will save them money. There are books based on Edinburgh & The Lothians, Glasgow and Fife. If you are interested then let me know.

Thanks to everyone who kindly donated waterproof pants, 125 pairs will be on their way to Kenya next month. Thanks also to everyone who donated underwear with special thanks to Nicky Pender and her colleagues from ASME, The Royal College of Physicians and the nurses and admin staff in the rheumatology department at the Western General hospital.