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Total underwear collected is 577,111.

Congratulations to Will Marchington winner of the October lottery.

Our warehouse is looking a little bare at the moment but I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks to the National Police Aid Convoys (NPAC) 75,000 pants and bras on their way to Zambia, Malawi and Zanzibar, for distribution before Christmas.  Huge thanks to the pantastic Smalls volunteers who turned up to help load our biggest distribution ever and thanks also to David Scott and everyone at NPAC for making sure our underwear gets to those that need it the most.

Here’s a link to our latest thank you post and we are still opening parcels every week so if you don’t see your name please look for it on the next monthly thank you post.  If you’re sending an underwear donation, please include a note of your name so we can show you our appreciation in our monthly thank you posted on our website.  A big “thank you” to everyone who has also enclosed a monetary donation with the underwear, we really appreciate this.

Tuesday 17th October was International Day for the Eradication of Poverty.  Thank you so much to everyone who took part in our #ENDPOVERTY campaign and made donations to help us help more women and children.

My thanks also to The Linton Singers and The Edinburgh Renaissance Band who are holding a charity concert for Smalls on Sunday 12 November at 7.30pm at the Canongate Kirk in Edinburgh. If you fancy an evening celebrating the music of Claudio Monteverdi and Michael Praetorius email info@lintonsingers.co.uk – tickets are only £12.

And finally thanks to A D Friday, A Murdoch, Adele, Andi Herrick, Andrea Straughan, Angela Stevenson, Anna Pragnell Toal, Anne Abel, B & A Bennett, BNY Mellon, Becky Dungan, Bex Massey, C Herbert, C J Alston & N Kirkwood, Carlin Mutton, Carol Rice, Catherine Boulter, Catherine Herst, Claire Gough, Claire Walters, Claire Wilson, Cramond Kirk’s Sunday Club (Edinburgh), D P Riley, Denise Gould, Donna Clarke,E  L Marsh, E Rhiannon, E Turner, Emma Brennan, Emma Sowerby, Fleur Wills, Gem Edwards, Gemma Maconie, Gill Mansell, Gwen Crew, H Evans, H N Addicott, Hannah Mason, Helen Rushworth, Holy Child Primary School, Isabel Henderson, Isobel Thistlethwaite, J & E Straughan, Jemma Tarnas, Jennifer Marley, Jenny Tweedie, Jill & Linda Donaldson, Joy Parker & Linda Wilson, K Albelda, K Dunn, Karen Jacks, Katrina Stewart & neighbours, Kirsten Shiells, Kirsty Fraser, Kirsty MacMillan, Leigh Arthur, Lily, Linda Birr-Pixton, Linsey Baines, Lisa, Lisa Montague, Lorna Williamson, Louise Maddox, Louise O’Keeffe, Lynda Hutchings, Lynne Ashton, M E Rankin, M F McGlade, Mandy, Marina Bruin, Mrs A Thomson, Mrs C M Wood, Natalie Summer-Anderson, Nikki Davies, Philippa Toulson, Rachel Briggs, Rebecca & Rhys Triffitt, S & M Gudgeon, S C & K Maloney, S Johnson, Sabina Maule, Sally Johnson, Sarah Healy, Sarah Hennessy, Sarah Walter & Lauren Clarence, Susan Gildner, Wolvercote Ladies Fellowship and to the people that sent money but didn’t give their names.