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New total 58,433.

Our lovely Christmas cards have arrived and I know I am biased but I just love them, especially the pants tree. And thankfully it appears that other people like them too. Laura Douglas came round on Monday and took 20 packs, within 2 hours she asked me for another 20 and then changed her mind and asked for 100 more. She was selling them faster than we could make the packs up! However all packs now made so if you would like to buy a pack they are £3 for 10 cards, and there are 4 designs as still have some left from last year. Pics of them on Flickr and facebook, just get in touch if you would like to send pants Christmas cards this year!

Got a lovely surprise during the week as received letters from Maureen, Ruth and Sarah. I love getting letters from them and hearing how they are getting on but it also makes me really miss them. I’m still hoping to get back in December to see them.

The last fundraising event for the year is on Thursday 24th October, the pamper night being held in Edinburgh. My thanks to Pam, Rosslyn & Rachael for organising the event, and my apologies to the blokes who have been upset that it’s a ladies only event!

And finally, thank you to Ruby Beattie, Heather Woods, May Dougherty, Angie Trotman, Nicky Pender, Susan Wiseman, Kayleigh Marshall, Jacqui Gillies, Flora Davies and Carol Mulligan for their donations of underwear. Thanks also to Jayne and Gemma Cattell for hosting a cheese and wine evening and raising £200.