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Total underwear collected is 590,291.

Congratulations to Jaci Cunningham winner of the November lottery.

Smalls for All is delighted to be working with Y.O.U underwear.  Y.O.U is Your Own Underwear, a newly launched ethical underwear brand committed to making simple, stylish, ethically manufactured and eco-friendly underwear.  Their ‘buy one, donate one’ model, means every purchase will also be helping a person in need.  A proportion of all profits generated by Y.O.U will be donated to Smalls for All to support our work.  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/youunderwear/you-change-the-world-with-your-own-underwear

My thanks to Clare McKnight for her very kind offer of taking pants to an organisation in Uganda that I visited in 2014.  900 pairs of pants on their way, hoping we will hit the 500,000 distributed by the end of the year!

As you might know Tuesday 28th November is “Giving Tuesday” a chance to do good stuff for charity!  So if you are thinking of doing a small act of kindness, choose Smalls! 

“the definition of real kindness is to help someone you will never meet” (Sir Tom Hunter). 

You can do this by making a donation here or buy a pack of pants.

Here’s a link to our latest thank you post and we are still opening parcels every week so if you don’t see your name please look for it on the next monthly thank you post.  If you’re sending an underwear donation, please include a note of your name so we can show you our appreciation in our monthly thank you posted on our website.  A big “thank you” to everyone who has also enclosed a monetary donation with the underwear, we really appreciate this.

And finally thanks to A & R Campbell, Alexa Hughes, Alice Topley, Alison Towner, Andrea Extance, Andrew Peters, Anita Clements, B Ritchie, Bernadette Fitzmaurice, Beth Andrews, Bethany McLean, Brenda Weston, C A Kempin, Catherine Jameson, Christina Wallace, Claire Tindall, Clare Rhodes, D J Dummett, Danielle Mason, Debbie Watts, Elaine Wardrope, Elizabeth Naisby, Emma Macdonald, F Pitcher, G Cairney, Gillian Fenwicke-Clennell, Gillian Sutherland, Heather Morrison, Inner Wheel of Stone, J & A McCann, Jeni Austin, Jo Hawley, Jo Hodgson, Jo Richards, Joanne May, Judy Linard, Julia Clay, Kate & Stephanie Vicic, Katie Yarde, Kaushika Mistry, Kirsty Stephen, Laura Clarkson, Linda Kenton, Linda McKellar, Linda Mellor, Lorien Horrocks, M & M Willson, Mairi Drummond, Maria Tottle, Marilyn Granger, Mary McDonagh, Michelle Doune, Netty Miles, P Bartholomew, Paula,R & G Limb, R & J Sharpe, Rachel Morris, Ruth Parkin, Sahara Coles, Samantha Thompson, Sarah Wyatt, Sheryl MacEachen, Sophie Grant, Stefanie Ives, Stephanie Ellis-Hobbs, Su Underwood, Sue Foster, Tesco Handforth Extra Charity Committee, Tilly, Vicki Rexstraw, Worksop Jobcentre, Zena Churchill and to the people that sent money but didn’t give their names.