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New total 62,151.

The new Smalls for All HQ (the Pantagon) has been officially opened! Guests joined me on 16 November – a freezing cold day – to celebrate the opening and watch the ribbon being cut by Provost Tom Kerr and yours truly. We toasted a real team effort, while admiring the tardis-like qualities of our wonderful new depot. A massive thanks to everyone who came along to show support and to all those who helped us raise the funds for the Pantagon. If you want to see some photographs of the day then visit our facebook page or our website (Flickr gallery).

Thanks to everyone who helped organise the pamper night in Edinburgh on Thursday 24 October. We raised over £500! Thanks also to everyone who came along, and to the therapists and stallholders who gave up their time making sure everyone had a pantastic time.

A good friend of Smalls, Sue Wilson, together with Stuart Watts, will be taking part in the famous Dakar Rally in an old banger (escort estate) over Christmas and New Year – all in aid of Smalls for All! The rally is a 6700 km road trip over 21 days crossing 8 countries. Sue is taking pants (approx. 4000 pairs) and will be distributing them to hospitals on her way. So, while we’re all getting ready for Christmas as normal, think of them getting ready for their trip. You can see how Sue and Stuart’s preparation is going as they get ready to set off on 21 December by becoming a friend of their team – North Stars – on facebook. And once they begin the challenge, you can follow their progress too. Smalls will also be sharing regular updates on the intrepid travellers. Our thanks and very best wishes for a safe trip.

And finally, thanks to Stella Leitch & friends, Aly Townley, Sylvia Aitchison, Jane Ashby, Alexis Dinsmor, Karen McGalliard, Susan Sneddon, Anne Rankine, Margaret McQueen, Wendy Warren, Jane Davies, Miss E Phalp and Stewart Melville School for their donations of underwear. Thanks also Moyra for her monetary donation.