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21,552 is the new total!

The 14 bags (3000 knickers) were picked up by the Gloag foundation on 27 April and are now in the process of being sent to the Aberdeen women’s centre in Sierra Leone and the Jamaa hospital in Kenya. The underwear will be given to women suffering from fistula. Please keep the donations coming as we hope to increase the 3000 so many other women can benefit.

For those of you who bought the calendar, and therefore enabled Sarah to continue in school this year you’ll be pleased to know that i received a letter from her this week. She is loving school and says “I promise you that I will do my best in school and get the best grades” and to “work very hard and make me proud”. I am already very proud of Sarah as she is a lovely, gentle, caring girl with an amazing smile and I can’t wait to see her in august. I will be checking her school reports and grades!!

You will have seen from past updates that my friends Ted and Vikki went on an adventure earlier this year and successfully made it to Uhuru Peak, the summit of Kilimanjaro! The money they raised will be used to sponsor 4 girls, for 5 years, who attend Mashimoni school based in Kibera. Kibera is a slum area in Nairobi that recently featured on Comic Relief. We will be covering their education costs, 2 meals a day (breakfast and lunch) and providing them with a school uniform. I will have more information on the girls next month.

I’m planning on going back to Kenya in August where I will hopefully meet the girls at Mashimoni, and deliver underwear to a girls refuge centre in the rift valley, an orphanage and Jamaa hospital. Therefore to make this possible, please keep the donations coming!

Thanks also to Moyra Allen for her monetary donation.