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Total underwear collected is 637,019.

Congratulations to D Wotton winner of the March lottery.

You may be aware that new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) come into force in May. As one of the biggest changes to UK data privacy law, we have been looking at how these relate to Smalls and our supporters. In line with the new regulations, we have reviewed our approach and as part of this, we will no longer be publishing details of people we would like to thank on our website. We have enjoyed doing a shout out for everyone who has helped and we’re sorry that we won’t be able to support that approach after 20 May 2018. But our priority is always to manage any data that we hold in a secure and responsible way, and to build efficient processes to help us do that. We will be making sure that we continue to meet the data standards required, as you would expect of Smalls. 

Please know that we are eternally grateful and thankful for every donation. Your support is extremely valuable to Smalls, and the women and children we help in Africa.  Here is a link to the latest thank you post.  

As mentioned previously so that we can continue to send you our Talking Pants newsletter we need you to subscribe to our Talking Pants mailing list.  If you wish to receive our Talking Pants newsletter after 20th May please click here.

10,750 new pairs of pants on their way to Kenya and Malawi thanks to Balcraig.  Pants for the children that Kenya Children’s Home support in Kenya, and pants for the ladies being treated by Freedom from Fistula in Malawi and Kenya.  We also managed to get another 500 pairs of pants out to an organisation that supports the community around Wellspring in Uganda. 

And finally thank you to A & C Macartney, A Lewis, A Robson, Allison Frith, Amy Collins, Angie Tasha & Saskia Shipston, Anna Brewster, Anna Fraser, Anna and the ladies of the Bike Shed, Beacon Pilates, Becky Webb, Beth Maxwell, Bonnie Buckley, Carrie Braes, Chelsea Searle, Christine Grimmett, Claire Delmege, Claire Pavey, D Granville-Harper, Daiden O’Regan, Daniel & Sarahjane Sheard, Debbie Jordan, Debi Burridge, Deborah Darvell, Deborah Johnson, E & A Pain, Elaine Wright, Elen Forbes, Emily Carpenter, Emily Kemp, Emma Honeyborne, Friends of Chaddesden Park, G Chrystal, Gail Bradshaw, Georgina Thompson, Gillian Marin, Grace Behan, Hannah Robinson, Heather Preston, Helen & Jess, Helen Bullement, Helen Davies, Helen Hayhoe, Helen Lee, Hettie,Ide Village Ladies, Isabel Easter, J Broomhead, Jackie Davey, Jacqueline King, Jane Lucas, Janeann Hammmond, Jean Goodrich, Jennifer Campbell, Jenny Oswald, Jo Dawson, Jo Hyder, Joanne Dodd, Joanne Smug, Julie & Emily, June Goulding, Justine Ive, Kate B, Kate Morten, Katy Guy, Kingston Jobcentre, Lara Simpson, Laura Hepburn, Lisa Budd, Lisa Howie, Lisa Huddy, Liz Gordon, Liz Knowles, Lola Harre, Lorna Welch, Louise Burton, Louise Jackson, Lynn Freeman, M & L Wood, M Holton,Marion Matthews, N & R Metcalfe, Naomi Wood, Natalie Elnok-Tough, Natasha Mailer, Nicola Gordon, Nikki Gray, Norma Cruickshanks, PIFF walking group, Rachel Holland, Roberta Marshall, Rosemary Battensby, Rosy Barnes, S A Lippiatt, S J Bunden, S Self & V Rose, Sam Kavanagh-Clarke, Sandra Docking, Sarah Banks, Sarah Cranham, Sharon Gillies, Sue Cartlidge, Sue Topolinski, Sue Wilson, Susan Grieve, Susan Moreland, Susan Walker, Susie Zuber, Suzanne Mackay, The Everett family, Thea & Mollie Rigsby, Tigers Netball Club (Newcastle upon Tyne), Tracey Thomson (in memory of Kathleen Jones), Usha Harte, Vicki Law, Vicky Davies, Vicky Hogan, Watsford Samaritans, Women of Ivinghoe & Pitstone book group and to the people that sent money but didn’t give their names.