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Overall total collected is 502,395

Congratulations to Sean McFie-Sneddon, winner of the July lottery.

We were thrilled to receive funding from The Gloag Foundation, The Rozelle Trust and The Alchemy Foundation. We are currently working on a programme of trust applications as part of our fundraising programme to ensure the ongoing sustainability of Smalls.  If you know of any grant making trusts who may be open to an approach from Smalls we’d love to hear from you.

We have been busy developing our online shop which we hope will be online in September.  However in the meantime we are looking to make our merchandise available on Facebook, so for those of you on facebook watch this space!

Thank you to all the people who have responded to our appeal for NEW pants for ladies (size 8-16) and boys (ages 3-15).  Please keep them coming!  If you are able to pop a pack of pants in the post to us (please remember to include a note with your name so we can thank you on our website) or if you prefer to shop online we have an Amazon wish list.

Here’s a link to our latest thank you post and we are still opening parcels every week so if you don’t see your name please look for it on the next monthly thank you post.

And finally, thanks for the monetary donations to Alexandra Wilks, Alison Berman, Alison Jesney, Amber, Amy Bott, Anne Little, Anne McSorley, Anthea Weight-Cox, ARUP, Barbara Metcalf, Bethen & Eloise Parratt, Catriona Cummings, Crishan, Diane White, Eileen McAutey, Elinor Richardson, Emma Macdonald, F L Gee, Gayle Orr, Gemma Simpson, Georgia Noble, Glynnis Eastwood, Hannah Beauchamp, Hazel Whiteside, Heather Morrison, Jackie Matthews, Jane Rolt, Jennie Gash, Jess Hyde, Jillian Ferguson, Jody Quigley, John Scarr, J K Pinnell, J Rudder Logan, Karen Scarr, Kate Ridley, Kate & Emily Steel, Kathryn Norris, Kelly Cunningham, Kirsty Hunter, Laura Marshall, Linda, Lindsay Dart, Lisa Lisley, Lizzie Bird, Lorraine, Louise Brown, Louise-Anne Budge, Louise Johns, Louise Marks, Lyndsay Anderson, Lyndsy Lines, Pauline Millward, Rachel, Rebecca Simmons, Rosie Chater, Sarah & Nick Halton, Sarah O’Connor, Sarah Wilkinson, Sarah Williams, Sue Hickey, Susan Scarr, Tracey Outing, Tracy Savage, Zoe Lingard, 2nd Chryston Guides