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New total 32,196.

The Stand was a fantastic night, we raised £1220 in ticket sales! Thanks to Tommy, Kate and Fiona for organising the night and to the comedians, Jo Caulfield, Susan Calman, Vladimir McTavish,
Stu and Garry and compere for the evening Susan Morrison for making the night such a success. Hopefully we can repeat next year!

I was encouraged by a friend, Susan Watt, to enter Smalls into a competition run by The Aspire Foundation. They were looking to support 3 women from charities, nonprofits and social enterprises for a period of 12 months. I didn’t think for a minute that we would win but with “what have you got to lose” ringing in my ears I submitted an application which was basically a paper which detailed what Smalls was about, and the ambition to grow so we are bigger and better in the hope we can help more women and children. And we won! Some of you have been asking what winning actually means, well it means that for the next 12 months, The Aspire Foundation will dedicate their time, effort and energy to ensure that Smalls will gain maximum exposure on an international level. They’ll do this by spreading the word to over 50,000 women from global corporations already associated with Aspire Companies and The Aspire Foundation, so increasing our visibility, chances of corporate sponsorship and funding. Will keep you up to date with progress.

Thanks to Susan Watt, Agnes Ewing, Linda Young and Kathryn Morgan for their donations of underwear and Isobel Scott for her monetary donation. And a big thank you once again to Moyra Allen for for her monetary and underwear donation. I’ve also had a couple of parcels of underwear but no name, if you are sending underwear please let me know who you are so I can let you know I’ve received them.