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New total 76,338.

Hopefully you will have seen via Facebook or email that we celebrated our 4th Birthday as a registered charity on 10 August 2014. Well what a pantastic birthday present Danny Bhoy gave us in the form of a cheque for £6,270! Thanks Danny and thanks to all the folks that went along to his Edinburgh fringe show. I never imagined that we would receive such a large amount of money when I was told we were being included in his “12 nights for 12 charities” initiative. Thanks also to Tommy Sheppard for nominating us.

Last month I mentioned Kathryn, Ruth & Geraldine as they took part in a sprint distance triathlon on 13 July and had raised an amazing £1,860 for Smalls. Well just to let you know that their total now stands at just over £3000! Thanks again ladies.

So what do these two spectacular fund-raising efforts mean for Smalls? Well, as well as topping up the funds we use for buying underwear to fill any gaps in our stockroom, the significant difference they make is that we can now bring forward our plans to increase the number of girls we are sponsoring the education for in Africa! I had intended to wait until “gift of education” was launched (I’ll be telling everyone more about this later this year) but given Danny’s generosity and the efforts of our triathletes, we are now planning to bring this forward. I’m delighted to tell you that we are now able to include another 20 girls taking the total number of girls Smalls sponsors to 31! Information about the girls will follow as still finalising details. Education is so important for any child but for children in developing countries it’s crucial in giving them the best possible chance in life. Research indicates that educated girls are less likely to marry at an early age, they will have fewer children and be better able to look after their children, more likely to be able to find work and educated women are less likely to suffer problems such as fistula or even die in childbirth. Pretty good reasons for helping girls get an education, I hope you will all agree.

Most of us will appreciate how hard it is for a girl to go to school with no underwear when she has her period. A teacher (male) from Malawi was visiting a school in Kent and when discussing poor attendance confirmed that at his school girls have poor attendance during their period. When asked if there was anything the school in Kent could send he said “underwear”. Happily, Lorna Simm had heard about Smalls so 1100 pairs of pants on their way to Kajendere School in Malawi.

If you are free on Saturday 1st November we are having a race night at the Carlton Highland Hotel in Edinburgh. Tickets are £17.50 and include a buffet and disco. If you are interested in coming along just let me know.

Thanks to Eleanor Robinson, Alison Thompson, Jennifer Rowan, Lynne Harvie, Mairi Findlay (Slimming World), Mx5 Club, Liz Hutcheson, Zoe Greenfield, Ann Greenfield, Helen Binks & staff at Hull Collegiate School, Natalie Lazenby & staff at Lady Lumley School, Doreen Buddle & friends, Carol Redden, Eilidh Sweeney, St Cuthberts Church, Gorebridge Parish Church, Bobbie Lundy & Phyllis Templeton (Weight Watchers) for their donations of underwear.