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New total 32,668.

I’m going to Malawi in September! It’s a really short trip, I get there Wednesday 12th and leave on Saturday 15th but thanks to Susan Dalgety and Paul McNeill I should get everthing done that I need to. I’m really excited to be going to a different part of Africa but I just know that as my flight is via Nairobi I will struggle with not getting to see our girls.

I’m going to be visiting the new fistula unit in Lilongwe that has received donations of our pants via Balcraig, thanks to Paul McNeil for organising the visit. I received a lovely email from Margaret, the Centre Coordinator for Freedom From Fistula Foundation in Lilongwe thanking us for the pants that they have already received. It made me both sad but happy that the little we are doing is making a difference when she said “for those patients having catheters these pants are so vital as they provide support to have the catheters nicely secured. So once we have the donation of these pants its a blessing to our patients”. The plan is to take them around 400 so the packing and bagging started last night, thanks to Lynn for giving part of her Saturday night up.

The other part of the trip is to explore the possibility of women selling our bras at the “bend over boutiques” (the markets!) as an income generating project, no idea how this will go so keep your fingers crossed. Thanks to Susan Dalgety for taking me under her wing and basically organising my Thursday and Friday!

This week sees the start of the work we will be doing with Aspire, more information next month.
And I know it’s only August so apologies for talking about Christmas BUT if you are starting to think about cards or presents then keep Smalls in mind! Thanks to Sarah, Rachel and Space01 we will have our very own Christmas cards, they are pantastic but then I would think that. Hopefully when you see them you will too, and want to buy a pack or 3. I’m also going to be selling the Spree books again, as well as raising £924 last year I got a lot of great feedback about them. Get in touch if you would like to buy one.

Thanks to Miss C Smith, Rhona MacLennan, R Akers, Liz Stewart for their donations of underwear and to J K Davies for her monetary and underwear donation. Also a big thank you to Susan Richardson-James and the Mothers Union members in Southwell and Nottingham Diocese for the 4 boxes of undies.