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Total underwear collected is 693,032.

Congratulations to Alison Esson winner of the April lottery.

Apologies to those that read last month’s Talking Pants, I know I’m repeating myself but it’s just with the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming into force in May there are 2 really important changes that we are making.  Firstly, after 20 May we will no longer be able to publish the names of those people that have sent underwear and monetary donations on our website, and secondly so that we can continue to send you our Talking Pants newsletter we need you to subscribe to our mailing list.

Please know that we are thankful for every donation, with your support we have managed to get 588,691 pairs of new pants and new and gently worn bras to the women and children we help in Africa.  Here is a link to the latest thank you post and if you want to receive our Talking Pants newsletter after 20th May please click here.

Thanks to Jane Williamson, UK Director Days for Girls and Linda Dykes for making to the trip from Carlisle to pick up 600 pairs of pants.  Days for Girls provides washable, reusable feminine hygiene kits which are produced by thousands of volunteers worldwide enabling girls to stay in school.  I’m hoping we can support the work of Days for Girls in the UK to help get more kits to Africa by providing the pants for the kits so keep those pants (new and unworn) coming!  We were also able to get 1200 pairs of pants to Akwaaba Volunteers, an NGO in Accra, Ghana.  For more information on where all the underwear goes please have a look at our underwear timeline.   

And finally thanks to A Wallis, Aimee, Aleksandra Zuliani, Alice Baker, Alice Tuck, Amanda Jacoby & Diane Percy, Amanda Russell, Amicale (Glasgow), Angela Butler, Anne Fraser, Britta & Georgina, C & M Mayes, C M Jones, C O’Dowd, C Taylor, Caroline Sloley, Chloe May Tierney, Christine Dillon, D & F Renton, D J Hallam, Debra Peltz, Denise Muir, Dolores & Beatrice, E Hustwitt, G Innes, Gillian Conway, Gillian Smith, Grace & friends & daughters, H & C Bailey, H A O Ganderton, Heather Ferguson, Heidi S, Hilary Hart, I & R Bannerman, IT & VE Culmer, Inner Wheel of Whitchurch, Isabelle Codling, J & K Gerlach, J A Rennie, J Bruce,J  M Kingsbury, Jacky Holliman, Jennifer Sim, Joanna Chan, Jodie Sansom, Jodies Bra Collection, Juliet Raynes, K & J Rogers, Karen Commons, Karen Lees, Kayleigh Simmons, Kelly Butcher, Kim Dillon, L E Baker, L E Hughes, L M Summers, L Macdonald, Laura Gingell, Linda Golding, Lisa Crick, Lucy Evans, Lucy Jenkins, M & S Draper, M B McDonagh, Mairead Breen & Ruth Hadnett, Margaret Holland, Margaret Walsh, Marion Nicholson, Mike & Eleanor Lunn, Morag MacLeod, Mr & Mrs R H Davison, Ms Macgill, Ms Wiseman, N Winch, NA & S Child, Nicky Casson, Nicola Shiels, Nikki West, Noreen Grant, P & L Riley, P Millward, PC & JFE Sephton, Patricia England, Patricia Taggart, Penny Western, Phillipa Sisk, Polly Coburn, R & G Couper, Rebecca Richardson & family & friends, Rosemary Anderson, Ruth Cleary, S & T Sullivan, S Austin, S Metcalf, S T Treacher, Sally Tismond family & friends, Samantha Hodgson, Sandie Amat, Sarah & Hannah, Sarah Battensburg, Sarah Williams, Sharon Ennis, Shelley Ison, Sway Women’s Institute, Teresa Tierney, The Mother’s Union (Largs),Toni Williams,Vichie Williams,Vicky Shaw, Zoe McGuinness and to the people that sent money but didn’t give their names.