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Overall total is 437,162

Congratulations to Janet Oldham, winner of the April lottery.

Thursday 6 April saw our biggest ever shipment picked up by NPAC.  50,000 pants and bras are now on their way to Africa courtesy of NPAC and Roll Out The Barrel.  David Scott was visiting Scotland on NPAC business and made a wee detour to Livingston to collect the underwear.  3000 girls pants will be making their way to Luweero in Uganda, and the bras and ladies pants will be distributed to NPAC projects in Malawi and Zambia.

Here’s a link to our latest thank you post, and we are still opening parcels every week so if you don’t see your name please look for it on the next monthly thank you post.

If you’re sending an underwear donation, please include a note of your name so we can show you our appreciation in our monthly thank you posted on the Talking Pants pages of our website and if you can include a small donation of £3 to help us with our work that would be pantastic too.  If you would like to receive our monthly update please also provide your email address.

An easy way to support Smalls without spending a penny extra when shopping online is to  sign up to Easyfundraising.  If you choose Smalls as your charity we will benefit every time you shop online at no extra cost to yourself.  A big thanks to all the people that have already signed up to Easyfundraising, we received a cheque for £220 this month!

For those of you that follow Smalls you might remember from February’s Talking Pants that we plan to start a pilot scheme with LMB from 1 May where we will sell a small proportion of the gently worn bras we collect. The exact number will depend on the volumes we receive, but we’ve set a cap of 10%.  This means that 100% of all the brand new pants and brand new bras we collect, and at least 90% of the gently worn bras we collect, will continue to be given directly to the people we support in Africa. The remainder of the bras will be helping people earn a living and, at the same time, raising vital funds to support the work we do.

And finally, thanks for the monetary donations to Alex, Ally Raymond, Amy Balcon, Amy Chapple, Amy McBrierty, Beth Hazelwood, Carol Dixon, Children’s Day Fund, Chrissie Gordon, Claire McHale, Colleen Angus, Crissie, Denise Burgess, Diane Josling, Emma Mourant, Harriet Reza, Hayley Drake, Ingrid Henderson, Janet & Hannah Cooke, Janet Manning, Jen Yarrow, Jenny Shaw, Kate Parish, Katie Welford, Kelly Butcher, Kelly, Sarah & Janine, Linda Cameron, Maggie & David Ness, Marilyn, Mrs B M Specu, Mrs C Mackenzie, Mrs Clare F Bell, Mrs S E Cole, Ms W Yau, Nicola Snee, Patricia Jeffery, Pauline Denny-Morley, Robyn Yardley, Sally Howell, Sara V Taylor, Sheila Williams, Sherwood Greenlaw Women Guild, Simon Yogel, Sue Emerson, The “Café Andaluz” night, V A Chandler, V A Farmiloe, V J Sygrove, Wendy Christian, Yvonne Powell and for the 10 anonymous donations we found in parcels of underwear.