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Thank you

On 20 October I sent out a ‘can you help?’ email. A calendar month on, I thought it would be worthwhile giving you an update. Given I now have more than 3,000 items I think you will agree that the answer was a big YES. Those of you who know me know it’s not that often I’m gobsmacked, but over the last month I’ve been speechless on several occasions – when I’ve been in meetings and people have turned up with underwear, getting home to find knickers stuffed through the letterbox, collection points throughout Bright Grey, regular deliveries from Glasgow, people I don’t even know getting in touch to ask if it’s OK for them to organise collections at their workplaces, schools, etc.
THANK YOU doesn’t feel enough, but I really do mean it when I say that I’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity and support from people. So many of you have got involved and thanks to you all, 500 children in Ethiopia will have underwear this Christmas, and early next year people in a refugee camp will have underwear!


This wasn’t in the original plan, but after weighing up the pros and cons I decided it would probably help to approach shops.


1,000 items will be winging their way to Ethiopia, to be met by Danielle, founder of Ethiopian Orphanage Relief. Danielle will distribute our stuff along with what she’s taking over. This is the plan, just need to finalise it.


This is the next destination for our smalls! I’ve been talking with Racquel (Mothers fighting for others) and the plan was I would go early next year on their second trip as their first trip is on 5 January. However, during the week she asked if it was possible I could go in January – but we’re still finalising the details.

What I need

People have been asking me what I need but I don’t know! I have logged all the underwear that I’ve received and know the splits of ages and sizes, but a lot of you are working to a date of 4 December so until I receive everything in I don’t know. The date of the 4th was because of Ethiopia, but I will be continuing to take donations well into next year.