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New total collected this month is 25,817!!

Hope you like the new look website! I can’t thank the guys at Space01 enough for their patience and the hard work they have put in to making the changes to our website. Please let me know what you think about it, and remember we are also on Facebook!

Many of you will know that we are raising funds through the sales of the fantastic Spree money off voucher book. We’ve sold almost 100 books which is well on our way to the 250 target I set. This would raise £2,000 and would be half the annual education cost of the 8 girls that we sponsor. Thanks to everyone who has bought a book or helped spread the word, we really appreciate your support. We will be selling the book until mid December and perfect for a Christmas present?

On 8 October it was Susan Watts surprise birthday party (I won’t say which big birthday it was) with an extra surprise thrown in. Susan thought she was going for a quiet meal with her partner Michael, so was very surprised when she arrived at Loudons to find family and friends waiting for her. The additional surprise was that Michael and her friends Sheena and Rucelle had decided she wouldn’t want presents (!) instead they asked for donations to Smalls for All. I had a great night out and Small received £200 thanks to the generosity of the guests at the party.

As always, thanks to all the people who donated underwear this month. Royal London colleagues based in Wilmslow, Sam Currie and her colleagues at IBM, Angel Designs Jewellery (Justine and Lynn) and Brenda Clegg.

Thanks also to Stuart Angus, Lesley Davies and staff at Holy Rood RC High School (Margaret, John, Georgia, Mo, Adrian and Joan) for their monetary donations.