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New total 83,627.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Carlton on Saturday 1 November to support the Smalls for All race night. We raised a pantastic £2546!

Didn’t expect to be lucky enough to be going back to Africa this year but have managed to squeeze in an extra trip. I leave on Wednesday 26 November and heading back to Uganda where I will spend a week before popping over to Kenya on Wednesday 3 December. I’m really fortunate that Ruth from DoubleMe is out there at the moment which is brilliant as she has been organising some of the trips for me. Some of the things I’m planning to do when in Uganda is to visit a school for deaf children and a secondary school, taking pants of course! And I hope to meet up with Robbinah, Lydia, Proscovia and Jane, the 4 girls that we started sponsoring earlier this year. Although I’m looking forward to all of this, one of the main purposes for my visit is to meet Dr Moses, an engineering professor at Makerere University. The reason I’m so excited at the possibility of meeting Dr Moses is because he invented “makapads”. Makapads are locally produced sanitary pads, pads protect women from health problems and discrimination but also help reduce the high rate of early school leavers amongst girls entering puberty. I’ve looked at lots of sanitary pads (!) disposable and reusable and of all the ones I looked at, Makapads were the ones that impressed me the most. Ruth is trying to set a meeting up so fingers crossed she manages to do this.

Then it’s over to Kenya to meet up with Rocky, founder of Mother’s Fighting for Others (MFFO) and to see all the children at St Monicas Children’s Home. Really looking forward to catching up with Sarah, Ruth & Maureen in particular but delighted that the trip coincides with Mary’s graduation. I’ve known Mary since 2010 when I first got involved with MFFO and just so proud of her. I’m also planning to visit a girls school in Kibera, yes taking pants!

Thanks to Gemma Gaitan, R Macdonald, Dianne Waddell, Anne Chorley, Mairi Findlay & Slimming World (Bathgate), Anne Fallon, Jacqueline Keenan, Sarah Scott, Stella Leitch & friends, Susan Wiseman & Body Shop Gloucester, Gwyneth Hunt & friends, Christine Brookes & friends and McEwans of Perth Boutique for their donations of underwear. Thanks also to everyone who brought pants along to the Race Night on Saturday 1st November.

Thanks also to Ruby Beattie, Susan Dundas, Heather Kennedy and McEwans of Perth Boutique for their monetary donations.