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New total 85,739.

Well it was a busy 12 days in Africa! Spent a week in Uganda then 5 days in Kenya and had a wonderful time catching up with people, and so happy that I managed to do everything I set out to do:

  • 650 pairs of pants delivered to school girls in Iganga, Uganda
  • 159 pairs of pants delivered to deaf children at BDI, Uganda
  • 888 pairs of pants delivered to a safe house and girls school in Kibera, Kenya
  • 24 pairs of waterproof pants delivered to the baby unit at KCH, Kenya
  • Visited Ida and our 4 girls (Robbinah, Lydia, Jane & Proscovia) to catch up with how they were all getting on.
  • Spent a morning with Dr Moses hearing about his journey making makapads and how he now employs 240 people making sanitary towels
  • Attended Mary’s graduation.

As always the pants were gratefully received, I sometimes forget the excitement a pair of pants can cause! It was wonderful to spend time with the St Monicas children, especially Ruth, Maureen and Sarah and it was an honour to attend Mary’s graduation from Nairobi University. The girls in Uganda are doing well and enjoying school, and a personal highlight was the time I spent with Dr Moses discussing all things pants and pads, safe to say it was a very successful and productive trip! For those of you that followed on Facebook I hope you liked the photos, for those not on Facebook if you want to have a look at some of the photos from the trip please click “Flickr” on our website homepage, then go to “albums” and pick “Uganda & Kenya November 2014”.

There are a lot of people to say thank you to this month.

Thanks to Katherine & Jen Lyall, Kerry Campbell, L Harive, Margaret Moseley, Mrs C Freer, MX-5 Central Scotland, Caroline Freer, Bridget Arnold, Jackie Strickland, Sarah Dowie, Susan Richardson-James, Eveden Lingerie, Ann Lynas and Samaritans Purse, Nottingham for their donations of underwear. Thanks also to Moyra Allen, Jack & Anne Allen and Mr & Mrs P Barnett for their monetary donations.

Thanks to Helen Crofts & Patricia McSherry, The Women’s Insurance Network (TWIN) for holding a raffle at their Christmas shopping event in London on 19 November raising £275.

Thanks to my Royal London colleagues for organising events in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Jennifer Gilchrist & Alison Esson held a cake bake sale in Edinburgh on Friday 21 November raising £223.81 and to Rosanna O’Neill and & Karen Keachie for organising a stall to sell our merchandise in Glasgow on Thursday 27 November raising £170.

Thanks also to Standard Life, Lothian Road, Edinburgh for their generosity in printing some of our Smalls material for free!

And thank you to everyone who has supported Smalls for All this year. Without you all we would not have collected 85,739 items of underwear and distributed 70,222, and we would not be able to pay for the education of 31 young girls in Kenya and Uganda. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Love and best wishes for a pantastic 2015.